Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Not! In Fact, Most Of Our Contestants Are Competing For The First Time And Many Will Compete Again After Their Wonderful Experience.

There Are Four Categories In Which Each Model Contestant Will Be Judged On:
1. Interview Stage
2. Casual Wear
3. Formal Wear & Evening Gown
4. Swimsuit
The Judging Is Based On Poise, Personality, Intelligence, Beauty And Fashion Sense.

Each Contestant Will Wear A Short, Black Cocktail-Type Dress Of Their Own Choosing.

You Do Not Need To Know How To Dance To Compete In This Pageant. You Will Work With A Choreographer During Rehearsal To Learn The Opening Number Routine And Walking Patterns And To Practice Walking Up And Down Stairs While Wearing Heels.

We Will Not Prohibit You From Entering The Pageant Because We Feel That Tattoos And Piercings Are A Statement Of Your Individuality. If You Are Uncomfortable Showing Your Tattoo, You May Want To Make Sure It Is Covered By Your Swimsuit And Evening Gown Or With Body Makeup.

Absolutely, Yes! Our Titleholders Will Have The Opportunity To Appear At Charity And Public Fundraisers And Events. In Addition, Each Titleholder Will Be Asked To Focus On Her Platform And Develop Ways To Make A Difference For That Cause Or Charity.